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Experience may be our agency's greatest asset.  Company founder, Rachel Bears, has remained steadfast in a wildly changing industry.  Her 12+ years of service to a challenging and often frustrating career path is much appreciated!  Since launching her own company in 2018, the team has expanded in numbers, knowledge and expertise. We see every experience gained as building blocks to a better service. 

As a company, Bears Billing strives to build your trust.  We understand providers need the security and peace of mind that many off site agencies simply fail to give and maintain.  Through trust we believe relationship is built. We enjoy getting to know each new client and like to refer to our shared interests as a partnership. 

A standard of service that is altogether uncommon, that's what each one of our partners receive for their investment.  Our small business was founded on serving and priority is always given to sustaining a serving culture.  With the desire to take the stress out of your billing, we are confident all of your billing needs will be met and your expectations exceeded with our intentional client communication.

At Bears Medical Billing, you can rest assured you will be taken care of by our outstanding billing staff. Our Senior Coding Specialists oversee a number of billing managers and their accounts in anyway necessary. Our Billing Managers oversee individual accounts and communicate with each practice to provide quality in customer service and in excellence in billing. As a company, we continue to grow but never neglect the values we started with—industry experts, focus on partnership. 

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